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(PDF) Numerical Analysis of Pulsating Flow in 2D Channel

Mechanics B /Fluids 28 (2009) 309 journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 2 The problem of pulsating flow through a circular pipe was analyzed numerically in the laminar flow region with the flow Prediction of Drag Reduction Effect of Pulsating Control Nov 20, 2019 · The flow pulsation was generated by giving periodical acceleration and deceleration by a centrifugal pump in a closed circulation system. The bulk Reynolds number Re b ranges between 3400 and 3800. Next, the experiments were performed with over 5000 kinds of waveforms to make training and validation data for MLP.

Pulsating Poiseuille flow of a cement slurry - ScienceDirect

Jul 01, 2021 · Kazakia and Rivlin studied the influence of vibration on the pipe flow of a non-Newtonian fluid. Later, Dunwoody [8] discussed the importance of time periodic flows, especially for viscoelastic materials, as these flows are used to characterize and determine the relaxation function and other rheological properties of complex fluids. Pulsating laminar pipe flows with sinusoidal mass flux Mar 06, 2009 · "Fluid Dynamics Research" is a well-established international journal of Fluid Mechanics, published six times per year by IOPP (Institute of Physics Publishing) on behalf of the JSFM since 2009. Pulsating laminar pipe flows with sinusoidal mass flux variations B Ünsal1,3, S Ray2,4, F Experimental Investigation on Pulsating Flow in a Bendcycle pulsating flow was generated by superimposing an oscillating flow driven by a piston installed in a scotch yoke mechanism on a steady flow supplied by a pump. Thus, the instantaneous axial velocity averaged over the cross section, W. a, can be eed in the form . =, + (1) Here, (= t