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Effect of Quenching Tempering-Post Weld Heat

Sep 05, 2019 · 2205DSS/Q235 joint to improve the toughness after laser-beam welding. The result showed that the high toughness of laser-beam-welded joints could be achieved at 500 C and 600 C due to the phase transformation from untempered to tempered martensite. Xin et Fiber Laser Welding of Direct-Quenched Ultrahigh Strength Sep 09, 2015 · In this study, butt joints of Optim 960 QC direct-quenched UHSS with a thickness of 8 mm were welded with a 10 kW fiber laser to evaluate the characteristics of the joints within the range of low to high heat inputs possible for this welding process.

How to relieve stress in welding - The Fabricator

Nov 02, 2009 · There are exceptions, though, including quenched and tempered steels. These come to the welding station already heat-treated by the steelmaker, so preheating at a too-high temperature can destroy the material properties; in other words, quenched and tempered steel will no longer be tempered. Hybrid Laser/arc Welding of Difficult-to-Weld Thick Steel spots like electron and laser beam welding were developed. Usage of tightly focused heat sources have been accompanied by several challenges. An extremely precise fit-up requirement High-strength quenched and tempered steels (HSQTSs) are one of the big group of alloyed steels that are vastly used in shipbuilding industry. These types of Hybrid laser arc welding of thick plates X8Ni9 for LNG Quenched. and tempered 9%Ni steel is the most suitable material for cryogenic applications down to 196°C where mainly high impact absorbed energy is - required (Hoshio et al., 2004)Welding is the most important joining technology in the fabrication of LNG . High-power laser beam welding is

Optimization of hybrid laser arc welding of 42CrMo steel

May 02, 2017 · Based on the results discussed in Sect. 3.2, the experimental specimens were welded under the optimal process parameters, i.e., 42CrMo quenched and tempered steel sheets were welded using HLAW with the following parameters:relative position of the laser beam and the arc:LA; shielding gas flow rate:30 l/min; laser power:3500 W; welding speed:10 mm/s; defocusing distance:2 mm and wire feed rate:4.5 m/min. Table 10 lists the welding S460Q|S460QL|S460QL1|S500Q|S550QL|steel 8. Additional processing:CNC Cutting (Laser,Flame,Plasma),welding,Shoting Blasting and Painting. 9. Materials quality:We are glad to inform you our products were used in Bird Nest,Three Gorges Dam and many other national key projects,approved by TUV,ABS,DNV,LR,ISO9001:2000.We also can provide the relative MTC sample for your check. THE USE OF MAGNETIC FLUX TO THE WELDING OF HOT Pulse shaping the laser beam welding also affect the crack solidification. Al 6061-T6 solidification cracking decreased with the decrease of ramp-down gradient of 137 kW/s, 52 kW/s, 32 kW/s [3]. Some of these studies have positive results but only applied to the welding of the base metals that has not undergone structural changes as a

Toughness properties at multi-layer laser beam welding of

Figure 2 a shows the actual welding setup including the high-speed camera, illumination laser and the wire guide. The wire guide leads the wire into the gap to avoid misalignment of the laser beam and the wire. A wire diameter of 1.2 mm was used. Welding was conducted in horizontal direction, always welding in the same direction. Welding Residual Stress Distribution of Quenched and Beside quenched and tempered (QT) high strength steels advanced technologies in steel manufacturing provide steels produced by the thermo-mechanical controlled process (TMCP) with yield strength of 960 MPa. These steels differ in the carbon and micro-alloying element content. With variation of heat control TIG-welded dummy seams on both steel types were performed.LASER WELDINGTypically autogeneous laser welds of quenched and tempered steels have yield strengths exceeding those of the base plate. At the same time, there is no significant reduction in the ductility of these welds.