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Apr 22, 2021 · Product Overview This is a 1/2 in. Digital Angle Torque Wrench. It works clockwise and counter-clockwise. It has 30 memory settings. How do you use an angular torque wrench? HowStuffWorksMay 26, 2011 · An angular torque wrench is often used for automotive mechanical applications, when both torque force and defined angle measurements are specified. Torque angle specifications must be determined, as well as maximum torque force, for the bolt you are fastening. A digital readout displays both torque and angle, which can be preset.

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In Stock at Burbank, IL. Add to Cart. Add to My List. NEW. EARTHQUAKE. 1/2 in. Composite Xtreme Torque Right Angle Air Impact Wrench. (14) 1/2 in. Composite Xtreme Torque Right Angle Torque Angle, why it's important.The torquing process is quite simple. You simply torque the bolt using a normal torque wrench to a pre-determined torque. Then, usually you'll warm things up by running it at idle, then let it cool back down and re-torque again with the torque wrench. After that part is done, the torque angle guage comes into play. Torque Wrenches at LowesTorque wrenches measure torque in many different ways. A digital torque wrench is one of the most accurate and sensitive. It requires care and calibration and has specific storage requirements. Its large LED screen is an advantage. Other wrench choices have beam or dial indicators, micromedia, programmable electronic and clickers.

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An electronic torque and angle wrench measures both applied torque and angular rotation. This one tool eliminates the need for using an angle gauge or protractor together with the torque wrench. Ultimately it is also more accurate, faster and will be able to record your results for the purpose of process monitoring, control and traceability.