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6400 Series; Heavy Duty Solids-Handling Pumps. 61 HD Series; 62 HD Series; 64 HD Series; Grinder Pumps and Systems. 7008, 7009, 7010 Grinder Pumps; 7011 Grinder Pump; 7012, 7013 Grinder Pumps; 7020, 7021 Grinder Pumps; 71 Series; Low Pressure Sewer Systems. Replacement Units; New Installation; Explosion-Proof Motors. X6160, X6180 Series; X6280 EFFLUENT*/SUMP/DEWATERING SEWAGE50, 140/4140, 371 and 372 Series have ½, 130 Series has 5/ 8, 145/4145, 160/4160, 180/4180 and 373 models have 3/ 4.) Where code permits, sewage pumps can be used for effluent systems. Non-automatic pumps with external-level controls are recommended for septic tank effluent applications. 1. Inspect all materials.

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The 290 Series, which are Liberty greatest horsepower pumps, are 13-inches tall and 10-inches wide. The Zoeller M137, which is the greatest horsepower pump, is 12.75-inches high and 12-inches wide. The lowest horsepower 230-Series is 10.5-inches high and 9.6 inches wide. The Zoeller M53 is 10-1/16-inches tall and 10-3/32-inches wide. Pumps and Systems - Zoeller Engineered ProductsThe Center For Excellence training facility at Zoeller Company in Louisville, Kentucky offers a unique . opportunity to experience the pump industry, learning from experts in the field. Bring your customers for an . hour, a day, or more. Learn about the pump industry and why Zoeller products are designed to be the best for professionals. What We Do Sewage Pumps & Submersible Pumps UK JTPumpsSemisom GR125 Macerator / Cutter Pump. From:£759.99. Semisom GR125 Auto or Manual - Submersible Pump - Anti-Clogging Design - To pump sewage with heads up to 30 metres Avoids blockages with high starting torque - Long Life - Cutter in forged and tempered steel Call 0844-414-5800.

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Zoeller® 294-0004 Waste-Mate 290 1-Phase 1-Seal High-Head Submersible Sewage Pump, 1-1/2 hp, 230 VAC, 2 or 3 in FNPT Outlet, Cast Iron, 13.7 A Manufacturers:Zoeller Company Brand:Zoeller® TSCO Part:332092 CPN:UPC:053514019280 V series sewage pump stator portable sewage vertical pump 600 Series Sewage Pumps Zoeller Pump Company Model 611:1 HP, Model 621:1.5 HP, Model 631:2 HP, Model 641:3 HP, Model 651:5 HP, Model 661:7.5 HPClass 30 Zoeller Automatic and Manual Submersible Sewage Sump Motor:.5 HP, 1725RPM, 115V or 230V, 60Hz, oil-filled, hermetically sealed, single phase with automatic reset thermal overload protection. Carbon and ceramic shaft seal. 2" NPT discharge. Automatic sewage pumps turn on with a water level of 12" and they turn off at a 4" water level. View performance curve.

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Zoeller Flow-Mate Dewatering/Effluent Submersible Sump Pumps. Non-Automatic. Automatic. Variable Level Float Switch. 1/2 HP - 115 volt or 230 volt, single phase - 1-1/2" NPT discharge. The Flow-Mate 137 series are completely cast iron constructed, the motor and pump housing, the switch case, and the base and impeller, all made from durable cast Zoeller Pump Company Wastewater Pumps & SystemsNEW 24x24 Sewage & Grinder Package Systems. Zoeller Pump Company's NEW 24x24 PSF Cover & Package Systems come in both simplex and duplex configurations with a variety of sewage and grinder pump options. This short video points out some of the features and benefits of our new design. Take a look! YouTube. Zoeller Company.